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Improve the Efficiency of Your Direct Print Marketing

In a world where personalizing your marketing message is everything, you’ve got plenty of options. Today’s marketing paradigm has shifted: it’s all about creating a memorable brand that intimates conversation; and the customer’s in full control. Yes, internet marketing and advertising is big. But wouldn’t you know it, there’s still an incredibly strong appeal for direct mail marketing. Use...

9 Brainstorming Techniques for Creative Business Writing

9 Brainstorming Techniques for Creative Business Writing Brainstorming is a crucial aspect of any creative process, whether you’re writing copy or creating a new product. Although the original definition of a brainstorm is a collaboration of ideas, the term has since become a colloquial that means any sort of creative planning, whether it’s done in a group or independently....

The Benefits of Using Promotional Products to Motivate Employees & Boost Your Brand

Promotional products are all around us. If we borrow a pen from someone, chances are there’s a company logo on it. Our coffee mugs, calendars, and notepads may have branding elements on them. Even so, we may not realize these are actually powerful forms of advertising. As most branded products are unobtrusive and often very useful, they are more...