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Latest Testimonials

Hi Courtney! Our new brochures arrived today and they look great! I wanted to thank you for working so quickly to get the last minute rush order completed. They look great and arrived in time to send to our trade show we’ll be at this weekend 🙂
Alexis, so very happy and the customer will be thrilled! You all are wonderful! Thank you!
Jenny, We loved how they looked, how things were packaged and so on. Amazing first experience with you all! Thank you for everything and I’m still working to get time with our CFO and CEO to decide on utilzing you all as a vendor for our inserts that print at […]. Have a great Friday!
Rob, BTW, the history books look AMAZING!!!!  My boss is over the moon with them!!!!
You guys did a great job on my […] Books!
There were packaged so nicely. Really nice job!

Just following up, we received the Tabs and Appendices yesterday afternoon. Once again, many thanks to you and your team, you’re beyond amazing !!!!

Hi! I just wanted to touch base and let you know the programs looked great for our graduation weekend. I was running around like crazy on Friday when they were delivered and I didn’t get a chance to contact you before I left to say thank you. Thank you so much for all you did and for your patience working with us when we were getting things to you last minute. We really appreciate it!

I can’t even being to thank you and you team for all you have done to keep us moving forward—If I can define life-line you would all be on first on our list. We appreciate you and your team, thank you!

You all are phenomenal, we can’t thank you enough!!!

Hello Emily and Team,
We received the Tabs/Appendices.
Thanks you so much for your quick turn-around time on the Tabs for us (you guys are life savers). I don’t know where to begin to express how much we appreciate all your do for us to keep us moving forward.

Hello All,
You guys are good, thank you very very much!!

I can’t thank you enough for the excellent service that I have always received from CDS.

My family Books arrived and are fantastic.
Thank you for your speedy service.

I just walked down about 10 minutes ago and found the brochures. They look fantastic!
Thank you!

Wow, that’s awesome! I really appreciate working with you and CDS. You have been very flexible and accommodating.

You guys really are the best. […] is the priority for the 500.
Thanks so much guys.

Kristi Fine has been my point person with CDS for a long time now. She is always prompt, resourceful, and very friendly to work with on any project. She is always my first contact whenever I need something printed including business cards, brochures, tradeshow booth re-design, or anything else. She has always delivered for us.

I look forward to working with you again. You really own the projects, follow through so well, output quality work, and have a very reasonable price.

Kristi, so appreciate the great work you did on this project! I’ll definitely be putting in a good word for CDS on future projects – especially when you are the leading the work!

Wow! That was quick!
And yes, Friday afternoon is fine.
Appreciate the speedy service.

I really appreciate all you do for us. You have gone above and beyond, several times.
Top notch work.

Hey Kristi,
Thanks to you and all the staff. Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

Thank you so much! All of you always give 200% and help cover for me when I’m running behind schedule.
I truly appreciate it!!

Hi Kristi,
Thanks a bunch…you’re awesome.
We just pick them up and they look great!!!
Thanks again
You are awesome!!!!
Thanks so much- both look great! You have been a life saver getting these for me!

Hello Emily and Staff,
I received the [xx job] …Thanks a million for getting these to us so quickly, we really appreciate all you do to keep us moving forward.
Please extend our gratitude to the entire team.

Hi Kristi,
I wanted to thank you guys again for getting these programs out for our […]. It worked out great!!!
Thank you for all your hard work with this project.
Really appreciate what you do.

Thanks for the awesome customer service, Kristi!
We appreciate you!

Emily, you ROCK.
Thank you very much for the update. If they could ship today, that would be fantastic. One-day delivery is still fine.

Thank you Kristi that is really fantastic, our temporary employees ran out of product to inspect today. We really appreciate CDS and you going out of your way, to expedite this order for us.

You guys are totally awesome. I appreciate it so much.

Hi Kristi
Thanks so much for your help with the […] and Graduation programs this year, they looked awesome and your turnaround time was exceptional!

Thank you! Everything looks so wonderful.

Looks great!
Thank you for the speedy service!

Just received the t-shirts. They look amazing!!!!
Thank you again for getting them done so quickly!!!!!
Have a good holiday!

The updated [design] proof is perfect. I want to thank you for the wonderful job you’ve done on everything!
I will contact Kristi about printing. Have a wonderful week!

You’re the best!

Thanks and BTW you all have been doing a fabulous job with all of our orders!!

The planners are awesome! Thank you guys so much. You made this a very easy process and I appreciate the ‘step by step’ help and re-assurance you gave me along the way. I have told everyone I have come across in the past few days about how great your company is. And I have already saved your homepage onto my browser bookmark bar so I can go straight to it when we need to order again.
Again, you guys rock. Everyone loves the planners and having them done so quickly saved me from a few more gray hairs. 🙂

You guys are so so awesome!!
Thank you so very very much!
The best.
The best.
The best.
You are the best!

Also, great work, as usual, on the last batch of business cards, which I just received last week. It is a very pain-free process and the results are fantastic.

Wonderful Emily, you did a fantastic job with this, I REALLY appreciate it!!! I think Diana is pleased as well, I will forward her your message so she knows everything is on track.
Thanks again!

Hi Kristi,
The sale went well! We sold all of them! Woo hoo! And everyone LOVED them.
I’m excited to see the quote tomorrow.

Taken care of. Thanks again for the great job you all did and for the patience with us!

Hi Kristi,
These are really nice! I am very pleased with the paper and the folding job. Also, I noticed that the printing process is reproducing the pictures with a better clarity than the printer I have been using. Awesome printing job all around! I will be preparing the newsletter for the month of June and will try to have the PDF to you before Memorial Day weekend for the full 330 count printing.

Your team is doing a great job with these schedules and wanted you to know and that we really appreciate your team’s effort and professionalism.

I truly appreciate all your work! You guys are great! ☺

All approved, thank you! It’s wonderful that you caught that for me.

We got the completed shipment of our order today. Thank you again so much for your help on this project. Everyone loves the way they turned out!

Thanks so much for all your hard work! Please let me know if you need anything from me.

Emily Wow, I just logged in for the first time and looked at it with Rachel. We are very excited. Thank you for doing this! I’d like to get the hang of it as we go along, but really looking forward to giving it a “go”!

I appreciate [all your help], I am pleased with the quality of books and the customer service and will be a customer for future printing needs.
Thank you.

Hi Kristi,
You guys are the best!

Thank you very much. You guys always deliver – literally! 🙂

it’s beautiful, so thanks to Carol for the extra time last night – we really appreciate it.

That IS fine….Kristi FINE! Thanks for all your attention to all of these orders. Always Appreciated.
Thanks, Mike Online Print Order

******* called and was so appreciative for helping them out and “going above and beyond what is expected of a supplier”. I told her that it takes a village, and in this case, it was the Percy village! She asked that I thank you all for all you did.  And, the good news (I told Emily already), they have enough to cover their in-house orders, and are just hoping to have the balance by the end of next week –or the following Monday. She didn’t want to have anyone working on these over the weekend. ☺  Way to go – all of you! Thank you.

Good job on the t-shirts, Emily!!!! ☺  They look great! The kids were so excited! Nice work, as usual.  Thanks

You are the best! Thank you for confirming and the project team can rest a little easier lol 😉

You all really are the best. Always there for me!
Thank you

You guys have been fabulous to work with!! I greatly appreciate your attention to my needs and your patience with me!!

I have kept you in mind for any upcoming projects they put me on with xxx, and if possible, I would love to do business again!  I was really pleased with the quality of work I received from CDS, and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for printing!

Thank you guys! We really appreciate you all re-working stuff to make this order happen.

Maggie. Great job. Thanks so much for touching base with me about the changes. It shows great integrity upon your part.
Best Regards.
Dr. […]

Thanks, Maggie.
You guys are amazing.

Thank you for all your help!
Folders & binders looked great!

Hello All,
We received our order.
Thanks again for the amazing Turn-Around-Time on our request. We truly appreciate your teams hard work to the make our lives on this side simple – great job.
Have a pleasant afternoon!

Hi Emily,
Thank you very much for the quick work! You are incredibly helpful and I can see why […] and […] enjoy working with CDS.

Thanks so much for all your help.
You are really appreciated!

I so appreciate your thoroughness. It is really good to see the options. I totally trust your lead option with the [fulfillment] bag and honoring the quote. This looks like a really great sample kit that I’m sure the customers will find of great value.

Thanks for all the hard work and phone calls I am sure were made to help us in a bind. We really do appreciate the help and dedication to our business.
We value this relationship.

Lisa […] has been our go to designer for the last several years, and she does fantastic work. Every time I have something that I need to be developed she turns it around quickly, and better than I ever even dreamed of to begin with. Don’t be afraid to reach out to her for any developmental pieces that you would like to create.

Thanks so much Mary. This was a very easy process and we really appreciate your help. I will definitely be in touch in the future with additional printing needs!

You are wonderful, and thank you for bringing that to our attention – you all really go above and beyond and I truly appreciate it!!!
And yes, Happy Friday!

Thank you Kristi, this has saved us! I really appreciate all you do.
Kind Regards, […]

You guys are awesome thanks so much!

Hi Jill [speaking to a reference about CDS],
I honestly can’t think of anything to say here except good things. I continue to have a good experience with every outsource. They check every order thoroughly, they foresee issues, and ask questions if they’re unsure of something instead of assuming it is ok to go one way or the other. They rush orders when asked and work well when given deadlines.
They really do make outsourcing as stress-free as outsourcing possibly can be.

Wow, you are extremely awesome for doing that!
Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!

Thank you both for all the work you did to rush my project and get it shipped out yesterday. It made my day to get this email! That is SO helpful- I appreciate it so much!! My son had his tonsils out this morning (no fun!) so I’ve been a little preoccupied with that, otherwise I would’ve emailed you sooner. You guys have been so great to work with and have gone above and beyond to get this job done right. I will gladly come back to you for any of my printing needs.
Thank you & Happy early Thanksgiving, […]

Hello Emily and Staff,
I received the […]. Thanks a million for getting these to us so quickly, we really appreciate all you do to keep us moving forward. Please extend our gratitude to the entire team.

Thanks for your assistance Emily, you and your team are always efficient and easy to work with at all times.

Hello all,
I am really in awe and in appreciation of how fast you got order N91708 and how fantastic and perfect everything looked.
Thank you so so much!!!!

Thanks for your assistance Emily, you and your team are always efficient and easy to work with at all times.
P.S. The brochures looked fantastic. Thank you!

Thanks again for all of your help!
Looking forward to future projects with your group.

Thank you so much!! You guys are a pleasure to work with! Thank you!

No worries – I’ve tossed you guys so many curved balls I’m surprised y’all are still talking to me. The Entire CDS team has been great to me.
Thanks so much!

A picture would be great if you don’t mind! The customer service you guys provide really doesn’t even compare to anyone.
Like, at all […]

Kristi, you ARE the best!

Hi all, WOW this is FANTASTIC!!!! I am highly impressed and extremely grateful. [xx] said that would be enough there on Monday to meet the deadlines for the [meeting] they have scheduled. Now, she does not seem to be so worried about the [xx] shipment, so just whenever you complete it, please ship Economy.
I can’t thank you enough for everyone’s hard work!!!

Thanks for taking such good care of us!
Merry Christmas!

The order of stationary came yesterday and everything looks fantastic! You did a wonderful job!

Hi Natalie, did anyone tell you that you are awesome lately? Thank you so much!

Emily, […] Sorry it has been such a crazy week and I haven’t had a chance to call you back. I *love* what you came up with and many of the [promo] ideas we chatted through were met with high praise from the client. Yay!

Thanks again for all of your help!
Looking forward to future projects with your group.

You truly are amazing. Seriously, if you were here I’d be singing “Wind Beneath My Wings.” Again, thank you!

Your website was by far the best and easiest to understand and your pricing is great! Thank you so much for all of your help and YES PLEASE GO AHEAD AND PRINT!! I need these as fast as possible. Is there a way to guesstimate an arrival date? Can I expedite?
You guys are so so awesome!! Thank you so very very much!

Thanks, you guys are the best to work with!

Perfect, thanks so much! We’ve already passed your information along to our department – you were great to work with and we appreciate the timeliness!

You’re awesome as usual, that’s fine and very understandable, thanks for everything!!

Hi Kristi,
I went on a hunt! I found it! They look great! Thank you so much!

Hi Kristi, I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the printing and folding of my newsletter. I think this is going to work out just fine for me and am grateful I found CDS Printing!

Got them today! They look great! I’ll be definitely putting in more orders in the future!
Thank you so much!!

Thank you Kristi! You’re the best!

Because I wanted to thank you so profusely – I was waiting so I could give it the attention I wanted to.Thank you thank you! I tried so many times sending [my file] to PDF and the color issue persisted. I am going to try sending what you sent me, and fingers crossed! Thank you so much. And for reaching out to the library? So generous of you.

We got the completed shipment of our order today. Thank you again so much for your help on this project. Everyone loves the way they turned out!

Hi ladies,
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful support and customer service on the boys program.
Thanks in advance!

oh wow! Thanks for doing this! It really saved me! I really appreciate it.

T-shirts arrived yesterday!!!! They are OUTSTANDING and PERFECT!!!! Thank you again for all your help with this. We will be back after the break with playbills for this show and all the stuff for our Spring musical!!!

We received the first batch of books this morning. They look AMAZING!!! We are very pleased with the thicker cover. For future productions we will definitely pay for the heavier paper. Thank you for helping us with this. The print quality is also wonderful! We still would like to work with your company on several printing projects we have coming up.

I appreciate the thoroughness of you and your staff.

Hi all, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for getting the […] Open House At […] Invites (order N83827) here so quickly – we appreciate it VERY much!!

Thank you all very much for all of your help with the programs for our graduation. Everyone talked about how great they were (so thank you for making me look good too!) Thanks again and I look forward to working with you in the future.

These looks great! Thanks so much everyone for your help!!

Gee, Kristi, you don’t even make them sweat. You’re too nice! 😉 Thanks!

Got the delivery & they look great!  Thanks for doing a nice job on them.

Kristi, Harold and Mary,
I apologize for the delay in sending this email, but I wanted to thank you for the wonderful tour of your facility. The students and I really appreciated your time and attention. Several commented on Harold’s enthusiasm, philosophy and work ethic. I think it really made an impact…not just what you do, but who you are. I especially thank you for that!
I look forward to another tour in the future with other classes.
Thank you again!

Thank you very much for all your work on this, it is much appreciated!

That is what happens. CDS is so darn good and quick to get this out as needed.
Thanks so much CDS .. we appreciate it..

From Our Archives

I wanted to take this time to let you know how much I personally appreciate the hard work and quick response that your team has provided on this project. As they know, once they see […] they know it will take a lot of revisions and quick turnaround. I feel so comforted in knowing that I work with a vendor who has awesome associates that provide quick, excellent, and friendly service. Have a great weekend…
Thanks again!
Looks great everyone…thank you all very much!
[global manufacturer]

New Message to Carol, Emily and David,

I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put in on the recent [xx] wall charts. […] I have to tell you it was quite a pleasure working with you and I was truly amazed at how you took each revision in stride and with such promptness. Wow! Thanks again for your patience and understanding!
[medical industry buyer]
Just a quick note that I am back in town. Please let me know when the invitations are ready. We are set to start the mailing. Again, many thanks to everyone for helping complete this project quickly. We can always count on you and your team.
[small business owner]
WE LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!  Fantastic job and a very fair price.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!  Sending completed forms and will send final payment as soon as receive final invoice.  i am confident we will be ordering more books soon.  Rachel was terrific.
[local school system]
Good morning.
I wanted to share this message that […], our principal at [xx public school] sent out last night.  It acknowledges those that made Jessica Elam’s [last minute] graduation [prompt] on Friday night – including CDS.  Harold, thank you for making this happen.  I said the same to LeeAnn and will do so again today.  This was a very special thing that was done for Jessica, whom they expect could pass away any day now – after battling cancer for 12 years.
Thanks for helping to make this happen, and for making me so proud to work for our company!
Hi Kelly, thanks for reaching out – I meant to contact you earlier and let you know that the binders were received very well and everyone was impressed with how they looked and the way they turned out, so it was a great success. Thanks for making this first project so easy for me to handle.
I have kept you in mind for any upcoming projects they put me on with [xx], and if possible, I would love to do business again!  I was really pleased with the quality of work I received from CDS, and would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for printing!
[print buyer for a large national grocery chain]