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The Benefits of Using Promotional Products to Motivate Employees & Boost Your Brand

Promotional products are all around us. If we borrow a pen from someone, chances are there’s a company logo on it. Our coffee mugs, calendars, and notepads may have branding elements on them. Even so, we may not realize these are actually powerful forms of advertising.

As most branded products are unobtrusive and often very useful, they are more often readily accepted than most other mediums. With this in mind, promotional products can be an effective tool for businesses looking to diversify their marketing efforts, foster employee loyalty, and increase credibility of their brand.

Let’s explore some benefits of using your company’s branded products as effective marketing and team-building tools.

Promotional products are useful to your employees.

There are a wide variety of promotional products available, from caps to polo shirts to lanyards. Your team can wear, use, and promote these items in many situations, such as trade shows, presentations, client meetings, and corporate outings.

Promotional products improve brand recognition.

As current or potential customers see you wearing or using promotional products, they will develop trust and familiarity with your brand, setting your company apart from a crowd of competitors. According to a recent survey, 76% of clients who are exposed to branded promotional products in the past 12 months were able to remember the name of the company.

Promotional products are a relatively inexpensive marketing technique.

Think about the cost of online impressions. Every time someone sees your company’s advertisement online, you’re charged the cost of that impression, even if you don’t capture the sale. Promotional products, on the other hand, offer unlimited impressions with a significantly lower price tag.

Promotional products encourage employee/team morale.

By distributing branded products—such as jackets, water bottles, padfolios, or thumb drives—you’ll indirectly foster the loyalty and morale of employees. Customized gifts show deep appreciation for work anniversaries, and also serve as great incentives for high levels of performance.

There is a wide variety of promotional products available.

Each company is unique. A product that works for one business might not suit another. Fortunately, there are hundreds of promo products available to personalize with your branding elements. Options include uniforms, golf accessories, backpacks, and many other useful items. There are even sustainable products for eco-minded companies.

With so many cost-effective options for promotional products, it’s easier than ever to create employee incentive programs and boost team morale—all while building brand recognition.

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