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Category: print design

Here’s Why Corporate Print Materials Are Effective

The wide reach of digital marketing makes it appealing to advertisers who aren’t familiar with the effectiveness of corporate print materials. Those who are in the know understand that they’re a worthy investment that convert 4.4% of viewers and leave a lasting impression on them. There is nothing quite like print marketing, and 90% of customers agree that there...

Why Print is Thriving in an Increasingly Digital World

Why Print is Thriving in an Increasingly Digital WorldWhy are consumers still attracted to print, and how has this time-tested medium evolved in today’s digital consumer landscape? The fact is, printed communications continue to have widespread appeal, even as the digital revolution takes hold.  Recent research reported in Science Daily shows that newspaper readers overwhelmingly prefer paper – 89...

Benefits of UV Coating

Printed marketing materials are often your business’s first contact with new customers, and it’s important that they make a great first impression. UV coating is one way you can make your postcards, business cards, catalogs, and other products stand out and draw attention to your brand. But what is ultraviolet (UV) coating? This finishing technique involves the application of...