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Here’s Why Corporate Print Materials Are Effective

The wide reach of digital marketing makes it appealing to advertisers who aren’t familiar with the effectiveness of corporate print materials. Those who are in the know understand that they’re a worthy investment that convert 4.4% of viewers and leave a lasting impression on them. There is nothing quite like print marketing, and 90% of customers agree that there will always be a need for print materials. Here is what makes corporate print materials so effective.

More Engagement

The overabundance of digital content has shortened attention spans, especially when people are browsing online. Print materials, on the other hand, involve the sense of touch along with the sense of sight and are more engaging to readers. This gives readers more details to recall because they experienced color, texture and more when engaging with your printed materials.

Brand is More Established

As a business, your brand is everything, and print materials strengthen it with the aesthetic qualities of font, colors, images and texture that help to establish brand recognition. All the elements that strengthen your brand’s story cannot be translated into digital assets. Print materials also allow you access offline spaces that you simply can’t when your branding is all digital, and omnipresence drives brand recognition as well.

Better Comprehension

The highly engaging nature of print materials demands attention, so the content is more carefully consumed and better understood. The materials are proven to be read more slowly and carefully, meaning that there is greater comprehension (and retention) of the information, ensuring memorability.

Products Are More Desirable

When looking at printed material, readers have a multisensory experience that makes it easier to visualize doing, feeling, and experiencing what they are reading about. (Some materials even involve smell, such as perfume/cologne ads that are popular in magazines.) They then feel increased affinity for the brand that has created that experience and more willingness to buy. Digital campaigns simply do not create the same response, as there’s no personal connection involved.

Print is Credible

Printed ads are more trustworthy than their digital counterparts, according to consumers around the world. There is nothing that beats seeing something “in print,” which legitimizes the content and makes it feel more permanent than an ephemeral digital ad. When something is in print, it’s there day after day and can be referenced even when the campaign has ended.

Less Print = More Unique

The growth of digital advertising has made printed materials more rare and, therefore, more memorable. Imagine being the only brand in your space that offers corporate print materials—you’ll be the first that potential clients and customers think of because they’ll have a specific reference point, whether a business card, brochure or info sheet.

More Time for Detail

The short attention spans of consumers requires that advertisers provide as much detail as they can as quickly as possible, but printed materials are at an advantage because consumers spend more time reading them than reading digital ads. This means you can add more details and hook the readers, who will naturally want to know more about your brand.

Now that you understand why corporate print materials can help establish your brand, improve engagement and increase credibility and comprehension, it’s time to get your next project underway. At cdsPRINT (Corporate Document Solutions), we’re here for all your design and printing needs. Reach out with any questions! Call us at: 888.601.3086.

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