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Category: graphics

Images Are Everything: 4 Resources You Need to Know About

Every day, graphic designers struggle to find the image assets they need to complete the projects they’re working on. As a leading printing company in Ohio, at cdsPRINT, we understand just how important the right assets are to the timely completion of your project.  Looking for great stock photos for your next design project? Redesigning your company collateral? Check...

Make Your Mark with Print

Why printed marketing materials are here to stay Huge chunks of marketing and advertising budgets are often spent on web design and online advertising, so it’s easy to overlook printed materials or to disregard them as unnecessary. But marketing collateral—a catch-all term for all of the media that sells a product or service—still goes well beyond the digital realm....

The Benefits of Using Promotional Products to Motivate Employees & Boost Your Brand

Promotional products are all around us. If we borrow a pen from someone, chances are there’s a company logo on it. Our coffee mugs, calendars, and notepads may have branding elements on them. Even so, we may not realize these are actually powerful forms of advertising. As most branded products are unobtrusive and often very useful, they are more...