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Improve the Efficiency of Your Direct Print Marketing

In a world where personalizing your marketing message is everything, you’ve got plenty of options. Today’s marketing paradigm has shifted: it’s all about creating a memorable brand that intimates conversation; and the customer’s in full control. Yes, internet marketing and advertising is big. But wouldn’t you know it, there’s still an incredibly strong appeal for direct mail marketing. Use them both in tandem, and you’ve nailed it.

New studies find that direct mail marketing appeals to most people, even younger folks. For example, a USPS study finds that 47% of millennials check their mailboxes daily, and 95% of them want to see an inspiring message geared just to them. Speaking of millennials, did you know that they account for $600 billion per year in spend? That’s a staggering audience.

Of course, they’re not the only ones who are looking to receive inspiring messages in their snail mailbox. Across the board, most people like to open their mail. If the message is directed just to them, has a strong call-to-action, and is well-crafted and shines, the conversion rates are super high. According to a report by Forbes, direct mail marketing achieves a healthy 4.4% conversion rate, as compared to email marketing, which has a lousy 0.12% conversion rate. But to make this magic work, you’ll need to have a good idea on how to procure the right  audience and pair it with the right message. Here are some helpful tips.

Make Direct Mail Marketing Personal

A personalized message is everything, especially in today’s world where the average person is advertised to thousands of times per day, nearly everywhere that they look. Getting your message in front of the right person, and having the proper data is key. To personalize your message and create an engagement uplift of nearly 8% (who would have thought?), consider the following tips.

  • Target your prospects using your own in-house customer list, and/or rent or purchase a mailing list. Any good full-service direct mail company like cdsPRINT can provide this for you.
  • Be sure to base both lists off the proper geographic and demographic segmentation you’re seeking to target.
  • Send custom postcards to customers who abandoned a cart, didn’t close on a service deal, or who simply haven’t made a purchase or contacted your business in a while.
  • Base your direct mail marketing messages on products the customer already has purchased in the past, or on similar or related items.
  • Issue welcome kits adorned with special offers that help new customers on-board, and that warmly welcome them to your brand’s family.
  • Personalize messages for birthdays, holidays and other special days for your valued customers.
Entice Them with a Strong Call-to-Action

Your CTA, or call-to-action, is how you attract customers to engage with the product or service that you’re offering. To resonate with your customer, make sure that you’re focused on a strong and unique value proposition, a sense of urgency and a genuine benefit to your customers.

Focus on Amazing Quality

Consider the mediums that you are printing your message on. Ask your printer to recommend their most popular and paper styles, weights, and finishes for an impressive look and feel. When your prospect holds that piece in their hands, you want to be sure it’s enjoyable and memorable. Be sure the fonts you’re using are stylish and up-to-date. At the end of the day, for every 100 people you send this carefully crafted message to, nearly 4.4% are going to convert into sales. Keep that in mind when you’re assessing your next direct marketing mailer spend this year.

For your next campaign, be sure to send a beautifully designed direct mail marketing piece, targeted to a carefully chosen audience, with an effective call-to-action. Get this right, and you will dramatically increase the results you’ll see from your direct mail marketing efforts and spend. Need help? Call cdsPRINT and talk to one our experience experts today: 1.888.601.3086. You can also email us at

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