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5 Things You Don’t Want to Overlook When Creating Marketing Materials

When you’re creating printed marketing materials, these are the details you want to double check before sending your order over to the printer.
Even in the digital age, printed marketing materials go a long way. They are more engaging and memorable than any advertisement you’ll see on a screen, and they have a worthwhile return on investment, too. This is why many businesses are choosing to head to the printer for corporate marketing materials that will help them stand out from the crowd. Once you’ve hammered out all the details of your design and are ready to choose a printer, you should first double (and triple) check before submitting your order. What follows are five things you don’t want to overlook when creating marketing materials for your business. Following them can help you improve the efficiency of your direct print marketing, can increase your customer response rate and can help you better secure your brand’s namesake in today’s competitive business environment,


Format is the key to creating crisp, clean marketing materials. As a business, you don’t want anyone’s first impression to be less than stellar, so it’s important to have a professional-looking business card, brochure or informative pamphlet. The first detail to check is bleed, which is the portion of the artwork that goes past the edges. Three millimeters is the minimum to leave, but plan for more if you have a large format design. Then, check your text and carefully choose and implement a consistent business font to ensure none of it sits in a quiet zone, which is space left intentionally so your materials don’t look too crowded. Finally, look at the format of the actual digital file, as .png and .gif won’t translate well to the printer.

CMYK Images

You could have the most eye-catching design and color scheme on a screen, but that doesn’t mean it will look the same on paper. Colors must be able to be created with CYMK, which stands for: cerulean, yellow, magenta, black. These are the four colors that printers use in varying combinations to create a full spectrum of shades, but you want to get confirmation that your image will look the same on paper as it does on your computer. Your printer will work with you, and you can always print test materials before submitting a full order.

Correct Spelling and Grammar

Proofreading isn’t the most glamorous part of marketing, but it ties into the professional impression you want to impart. Informational content should be meticulously edited to fix any spelling or grammatical errors to increase credibility and capture attention in a good way. If possible, have many different people read through your materials before heading through the printer, and ask your printer to give it a final look when you’re there. This is another instance where a tester might help you identify a problem before it’s too late.

Image Resolution

Have you ever looked at an old photo on your phone and then seen the same image on a larger screen? The larger image always looks pixelated, like it was created in the style of retro video games. If that matches your brand, great, but for all other businesses, it’s an easy fix. Simply choose a higher resolution when exporting your image file—the higher, the better. The recommended minimum is 400ppi, and don’t forget to export it as a .jpg, .tiff or other file type that will result in a clear print.

Printing Company

The reality is that print is still thriving in an increasingly digital era. Sure, anyone with a working printer can claim to be a printing company, but it’s worth doing research before handing over the corporate credit card. You want to work with the best printer for marketing materials, a company that will collaborate with your team and meet your needs. Once you find the perfect match, you’ll see that it’s a worthwhile relationship to have and can boost your business for years to come.

Need help with your direct print marketing and adhering to these five must-follow tenants? We’re here for you. Talk to one of our experienced and helpful experts today who can assist you with your next design and product. Give us a call at: 1.888.601.3086

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