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Why You Should Redo Your Corporate Business Card Right Now

The corporate business card isn’t dead. Even in the high-tech age of smartphones and tablets that can seemingly do everything, a company business card is still a powerful and effective branding device that shouldn’t be overlooked. Experts advise that to make the most of your business card endeavors, you should think of them as a givable form of brand identity. A well-designed card should embrace several facets, explains Entrepreneur, including: offering a simplistic yet aesthetically pleasing design; it should come in the standard 3.5″ x 2″ size; and it should feature a minimalistic backside that only contains a brand icon and nominal information. How long has it been since you redesigned your company business cards? If you have to stop and think about this question, it’s been too long. But just how important are business cards to your branding? Here are some interesting corporate business card statistics, courtesy of Small Biz Trends, to consider before redesigning yours:
  • Sales increase by an average of 2.5% for every 2,000 corporate business cards you hand out.
  • 88% of business cards you hand out are tossed in two weeks, but the rest stay in wallets.
  • 39% of the people you meet won’t be interested in doing business if you’re card is cheap.
  • 57% of people feel a business card is essential to have when running a business.
  • 72% of people judge a business based on how the card looks.
  With these facts about business cards in mind, here are a few powerful reasons to redo yours today.

First Impressions Are Everything

A business card is your portal to a first impression, and it can mean the different between a lasting impression, too. Since 72% of people will judge your business based on how your card looks and feels, it’s imperative that you make a solid first impression. With the proper design and viewable area of credentials, you can turn that handshake at the mixer into a business relationship.

Your Business Card Doesn’t Stop Working

Unlike other forms of advertising, like a click ad, a flyer or even a video, a business card is an everlasting static ad. Whether the recipient uses it to do business with you or passes it along to a colleague, it’s a powerful, cost-effective way to spread the word about your product and services.

The Professional Touch

Have you ever been in a conversation with a businessperson who you enjoyed talking to and wanted to be able to reach out to them later, only to be handed a scrappy-looking business card? What is the likelihood that you will remember their products and services later? Business cards that are professionally designed exude professionalism and add that key touch to any first-time meeting or business engagement.

They’re Cost Effective

The most affordable form of advertising aside from word-of-mouth, which is essentially free, is a business card. They’re cost effective, especially when you order them in bulk, they are space-saving, and they are accessible whenever you need them. As we’ve mentioned above, for every 2,000 cards you hand out, you’ll see about a 2.5% sales increase. It’s difficult to top that type of return on investment.

No Internet Required

In today’s fast-paced technology world, a tech glitch can mean the difference between a sale or a lost customer. Thank goodness that business cards don’t require modern technology. Instead, these static print ads are designed to inform and educate the recipient on your brand identity, products and services. They don’t require bandwidth, an internet connection or a computer. They’re essentially tech-free.

Creativity Matters

No matter the field you work in, your business card is a pint-sized one sheet that advertises your products and services. A boring card that’s redesigned can make all the difference when networking and can lead to new contacts, opportunities and sales that may not have come your way otherwise. Creativity is the key here, and a business card gives you all the wiggle room you need to make a lasting impression.

They’re a Form of Rapid Marketing

Rapid marketing is what most people expect these days, where the average person has an attention span of a goldfish (about 8 seconds). Business cards require about 4 seconds to process and the right selection of colors and style can help the recipient remember your business long after that mixer, networking event, dinner, luncheon or business conference.

Simply Put: They Work

Business cards have not gone the way of the birds for one prominent reason: they just work. Sure, technology is exciting. Everyone loves the internet and social media. But we all dig for that business card when we need a plumber, a vet, a doctor, a painter, an accountant and so forth. That’s because people like doing business with people, not brands. Well-designed business cards set you apart from the brands and let prospective customers and clients know that your approach is more personalized. Ready to redo your business cards? We can help! At cdsPRINT we specialize in corporate document solutions of all types. Take a look at our Print Products today to see how we can help your business succeed. Got questions or need help? Give us a call toll-free at: 888.601.3086.

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