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Bound to Succeed

Select the perfect finishing and binding for your next print project.

Colored plastic spiral coil used for binding.

When you have multiple pages or documents you want to print and distribute, how do you decide on a presentation format? Your printer can suggest various options depending on how you plan to use the materials, the design and style of the product or service they represent, and the shelf life of the information it contains.

Before your print project is packaged for shipping, the bindery department of a printer will “finish” your job in a way based on your desired presentation format. In this article, we list the most common finishing options offered by printers, and give a brief explanation of each.

The Many Bindery Options:

The Right Choice Sends the Right Message

Your selection of options to organize and display your content is an opportunity to command attention. The presentation package should reflect the nature of your offering, be it formal, fun, or just fundamental. With so many options from which to choose, you can be sure you’ll find just the right finishing and binding option for your unique print project.