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Don’t Overlook These Free Resources You Can Use to Design a New Company Logo

You can try your hand at creating some beautiful social media posts by using any of the resources we’ll list for you below. Even better? They’re all free!

Canva: One of the top choices for logos, but also a great tool for other things, too. Canva’s free array of design tools let you design a logo, infographic, social media post or banner and so much more. They offer a large assortment of royalty-free images, shapes, lines, fonts and even have the ability for you to upload a custom image. Their integrated digital canvas is user-friendly. The learning curve is literally just a few minutes. After that, you’ll be clicking, dragging and dropping your way to logo glory.

Free Logo Design: If you want things to be a bit simpler than Canva, look to this service. Start by entering your company name. The service will automatically take you to the logo designer, suggesting different looks and feels for your new logo. You can add more text, lines, shapes and images just by using the toolbar to the upper right.

Wix Logo Maker: If you are unfamiliar with Wix, it’s a fabulous do-it-yourself website maker that’s become one of the most popular in the world. Anyone can go to Wix with no knowledge of website design and create a gorgeous-looking website in minutes. As you can imagine, it’s also pretty easy to make a logo using their free logo maker. What’s more, they have an extensive library of assets to consider, more than most other logo makers.

Logo Makr: This site is user-friendly, but it’s really intended for intermediate users. Don’t fret, though, they offer an instructional video at the beginning that shows you the ropes on how to use their logo designer, which boasts more than 1 million assets to consider for your next logo. In just a few minutes of your time, you’ll be a logo-making whiz. Due to its complexity, it may not be the service that’s right for everyone.

Logo Crisp: By and far the easiest of all logo makers we’ve seen, this site requires three steps for you to make your logo. Simply enter your company name. Next, select the industry that you’re in. Finally, choose from several different logo designs they immediately create. Don’t worry, you can customize them all later and can even swap out assets, shapes, images, text and fonts.

Logo Maker: Perhaps the best-known service online that doesn’t charge you to design a company logo, Logo Maker has it all. Follow the introductory steps and in a few minutes, you’ll be dragging and dropping elements onto the virtual canvas until you see something that catches your eye. The vast array of premade logos that you can fully customized can give you a head start. Or you can design your own custom logo in just minutes.

Now that you know where to look, you can make a new company logo or improve on an old one. If you prefer, we can help you take the guesswork out of logo creation and design by providing you with custom designs including beautiful company logos. At cdsPRINT (Corporate Document Solutions), we’re here for all your design and printing needs. Reach out with any questions! Call us at: 888.601.3086.

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