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Design Price List

Design & Copywriting Sample Price List

 Service Description
 Price Total
   Logo    3 designs (choose one)    $375
   Letterhead    3 sample designs    $175
   Envelope    3 sample designs    $125
   Business cards    3 sample designs    $150
   Logo package    3 logo designs (choose one), 3 sample letterhead,    
   3 sample envelope, and 3 sample business cards
   Note pads    3 sample designs    $150
   Thank you card    2 sample design    $150
   Multimedia logo    2 sample design, with animation and music    $375
   T-shirt design    2 sample designs    $175
   Post Card    2 sample designs, front/back    $250
   Brochure    1 sample design, trifold, front/back    $375
   Flyer/sell sheet    1 sample design, front/back
   Booklet    1 sample design    $150 per page               
   Magazine    1 sample design    $150 per page
   Poster    1 sample design    $175 per side
   Design Hourly Rate    Includes design, production, photo correction, and
   collaboration; and up to 2 revisions. See levels below.
   $85 per hour
   $75 per hour
   $65 per hour
   Copywriting Hourly Rate                               Includes meeting/interview time, initial drafts, and
   edits. See levels below.
   $85 per hour
   $75 per hour

Levels of Design

Level 1


  • minor revisions
  • simple design layouts such as postcards, flyers,
    announcements, and business cards
  • creating new materials based off a
    previous design

Level 2


  • complex revisions
  • mid level design such as brochures, sell sheets,
    and more involved design
  • creating new materials not based off a
    previous design
  • basic logo creation
  • basic copywriting assignments

Level 3


  • identity systems; brand identity, more complex
    logo design and collateral
  • brand consultation & marketing plans
  • complex design work such as newsletters,
    booklets, annual reports, magazines, etc.
  • simple Branding Identity Chart w/ logo saved
    to various file formats for individual use
  • complex copywriting assignments
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