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coilbooks, spiral bound, cdsprint, booklet, book, print, printer

We Can Help With All Your CoilBook Needs

coilbooks, coilbook, spiral boun books, booklet, cdsprint, print

At cdsPRINT, our state-of-the-art, 15,000 square foot production facility is equipped to handle all your coilbook printing needs with fast turnaround and dedicated project managers. Our goal is to meet your company’s needs in a timely, cost-effective and proficient manner. One of our special areas of focus is on spiral binding. Commonly also referred to as spiral binding or coil binding, a coilbook secures pages of any bound document, improving the durability and the lifespan.

The coilbooks we design at cdsPRINT can be made using a plastic or a metal coil that’s woven into the holes of the spine of the book. This allows for a free flow of the pages, yet also acts as an assembly with a cover and a rugged design. Due to the fact that coilbooks, spiral binding and coil binding are so reliable, it’s no surprise that these are one of the most popular softcover binding methods we currently offer. While other printing companies have backlogs on orders of these popular coilbooks, due to our size and signature processing method, we’re able to handle orders of any size and cater to company needs on rush coilbook printing that revolve around a sprint schedule. To get an immediate quote on any coilbook project, contact us by phone at: 888.601.3086.

Why Use Coilbooks?

A Coilbook is versatile and can be opened in a full 360 degrees, able to fold entirely back and even upon itself, yet also able to remain flat, too. This allows the user to make easy reference notes while maximizing space efficiency in the workplace. Spiral coil book binding is also a viable solution for all sorts of corporate document needs, including: Presentations, Reports, Manuals, Proposals, Directories, and so much more. Since the books can open at such a large angle, it makes the information contained in them more easily accessible, as opposed to some data being tucked too close to the spine, as you would find with other printed mediums.


Spiral binding has many benefits, but ease-of-use is at the very top of the list. The books can open wide and even fold upon themselves with little, if any, resistance. There is no tension in the spine when the book is opened all the way, which allows for greater ease of view and easier flipping between the pages. You can even hang these books flat on the wall without tension rebuttal, which is why coilbooks have become a popular choice for calendars.


Whether your next business project is a presentation, a sales report, an instructional manual for employees or even an annual performance summary, spiral coilbook binding is the surefire solution. Since the spines are so durable, they can accommodate large page counts with ease, and you have options between either metal (higher quality and durability) or plastic (more cost effective and reliable) options for your binding. Either option for binding can also include custom coloring of the spine to match your corporate style guide. At cdsPRINT we offer a wide selection of spine colors, shapes and sizes to meet all your printing and design needs.

Ideal for Index Tabs:

The spiral binding on coil books is as free flowing as a bound book can be designed, allowing for the user to access the information in the book without having to hold it open. This makes coilbooks ideal for tabbed dividers. These popular printed tabs help provide reference points and access points for large documents such as an annual report, a sales presentation, training manual, company directory and so forth. Tabbed dividers are commonly color coded and labeled to help the user more easily access the information they’re looking for, and they can be customized in a number of different ways to accommodate projects of all types. We also produce custom Mylar index tabs in house to meet all your coilbook needs.

Popular Printing Choice:

Coilbooks are the go-to business choice for documents of all types, especially those that have shorter production runs. They are easy to design, and can be rapidly produced by cdsPRINT to meet any of your project needs, even on a tight deadline. At cdsPRINT, we carry a large inventory of coil colors, shapes and sizes to meet any of your project needs. Our in-house designers can also assist you with the layout and any specs, or you can submit the finished project to spec, and we will get it printed for you!

Benefits of coil books

  • The pages can be opened a full 360-degrees.

  • The pages turn easily and stay put.

  • It can accommodate low page counts or high page counts.

  • It works well with index tabs.

  • It is a readily available binding method.

Why Choose cdsPRINT?

At cdsPRINT, we’ve been delivering excellence since 1992. We offer custom digital laser and offset printing solutions at competitive prices with fast turnaround. Whatever your corporate printing needs are, we can manage the design, spec, print, kitting, logistics and distribution. We specialize in coilbooks, and feature a state-of-the-art 15,000 square foot facility with high-tech equipment that can accommodate any project size, spec or scope.

Our fast turnaround, competitive pricing and expertise has helped us get named as the Top 100 Quick Printers in North America, Top 25 Commercial Printers in Cincinnati, and Top 25 Woman Owned companies in Cincinnati. Contact us today for all your corporate printing, design and coilbook needs at: 888.601.3086.